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The NBA All-Star Weekend Host Sixth Annual Players’ Night Out

On Thursday, February 13, The Players’ Tribune (TPT), Heir Jordan and Hennessy, brought together athletes and entertainers for a fun and philanthropic casino night for their annual “Players’ Night Out” event, at The Royale. Proceeds from the event benefited the Chicago Public Library Foundation through their partnership with the Heir Jordan Foundation.

Given the strong ties to the Chicago community from the Jordan Family and The Players’ Tribune’s athlete community, this event seeks to give back to a city that has created some of the most impactful legends and leaders, with the goal of inspiring even more.

“Our greatest strength with The Players’ Tribune is our ability to connect communities through storytelling and unique life experiences,” said Asaf Peled, CEO of Minute Media. “We are excited to give back to a community that means so much to many of the athletes we work with in our organization.”

At the casino night, this year, The Players’ Tribune and the Heir Jordan Foundation combined their fundraising efforts in support of the Chicago Public Library. Hennessy, a long-standing partner of TPT joined the evening of fundraising festivities, as well.

“The Players’ Tribune highlights both the struggles and successes of communities like ours through their real and compelling narratives, in order to inspire and unite people together,” said Jeffrey Jordan, co-founder of Heir Jordan Foundation. “We share the same passion for inspiring the community and are thrilled to work with TPT to bring this night to fruition.”

All proceeds from this event will help support the Chicago Public Library Foundation, which funds the full scope of lifelong learning programs at Chicago Public Library, from early learning and teen mentorship to the maker movement and digital literacy.

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