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Maroon 5 Drops NFT Series

YellowHeart has announced the launch of the first ever Fan Community Decentralized Autonomous Organization as part of an NFT series released alongside Maroon 5’s latest album titled “JORDI.” In addition to the DAO, YellowHeart will be minting open edition animated album artwork and drawn portraits of Maroon 5 band members. The drop kicked off on Friday, June 11 at 12 PM PT and will wrap on Friday, June 18 at 12 PM PT.

The NFT series that will go toward funding the DAO will be available in three phases. The first part of the series acts as an entryway into the community and the artwork for the NFT resembles a seed. Throughout the next two phases, the NFT will sprout and grow to become a “living” NFT that will be reflective of the changing carbon index. To bring the NFT to life, YellowHeart has integrated an API from Carbon Monitor, an academic research project that monitors daily carbon dioxide output worldwide, which will prompt the NFT artwork to change based on the carbon index level at any given moment. When the carbon level is low, the image will flourish with growing flowers and when it is high, the image will change to include things that do well in high carbon environments such as mushrooms. The DAO will officially launch during the final phase of the series and all funds raised will be applied toward social and environmental impact issues presented by the band and voted on by the DAO community.

“Sage is a longtime friend that we go back with before we were Maroon 5,” said Maroon 5. “We all love his artistic creative style, as did our manager Jordan. As a result, it made perfect sense to do this NFT with Sage in connection with the album JORDI. We’re so excited to invite our fans from all around the world to take part in this brand new form of interactive climate change activism with this living digital art DAO.”

The Maroon 5 DAO and open edition NFTs are the latest instances of YellowHeart empowering artists to market and sell directly to fans. Most recently, YellowHeart powered the technology behind the first ever NFT album from Kings of Leon, as well as the first live NFT concert experience for electronic music artist Zhu.

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