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Learn the Lyric: Daisies by Katy Perry

“Daisies” is a song recorded by American singer Katy Perry. It was released on May 15, 2020, by Capitol Records as the lead single from her upcoming sixth studio album, Smile (2020). The song was serviced to US adult contemporary and pop radio formats on May 18 and June 9, 2020, respectively. She co-wrote the track with Jon Bellion, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Michael Pollack, and its producers Jordan K. Johnson and Stefan Johnson of The Monsters & Strangerz. “Daisies” has charted within the top 20 in Croatia, Scotland, and Sweden as well as the top 30 in Hungary, Ireland, and Latvia.

“They said I’m going nowhere
Tried to count me out
Took those sticks and stones
Showed ’em I could build a house
They tell me that I’m crazy
But I’ll never let ’em change me
‘Til they cover me in daisies
Daisies, daisies”

A music video, directed by Liza Voloshin, was released along with the single on May 15, 2020. It was shot during quarantine and showcases Perry in a naturalistic setting. She later revealed that the music video was not what was originally planned, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the initial shoot set to happen on March 13, 2020 was cancelled.

In support of LGBT Pride, Perry released an alternative video titled “Daises (Can’t Cancel Pride)” on June 26, 2020. The video uses the deep house remix of “Daisies” and is a recording of Perry performing the song virtually at the Can’t Cancel Pride benefit concert. This remix also interpolates lines from her back catalogue of songs including: “I Kissed a Girl”, “Peacock”, “Walking on Air” and “Swish Swish”.

Listen to the dreamy track below:

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