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Post Malone Shared A Trailer For a Docu-Film To Be Released On August 12th

According to, superstar Post Malone has recently shared a trailer for his upcoming tour documentary, titled, Post Malone: Runaway. The documentary will be streaming through platform Freevee on August 12th, and the hour long film shows behind the scenes from his pre-covid 2019 North American Tour, performances, and interviews. The docu-film was directed by Hector Dockrill and Dockrill had this to say, “I already knew Post Malone was a force before going on tour. But then, after spending time with him, unfiltered, close, and personal, I very quickly realized he’s unlike anything the world has seen before. He’s a polymath, loyal to his art, a true ‘rock star,'” Malone is scheduled to start a 33 city tour to support his latest album, Twelve Carat Toothache, in September of this year.

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